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Team Survey: Question 4 Answered

I posted earlier about our new team survey LINK and I've decided to post my answers bit by bit as I write them up in between doing other things.  I've answered Question 1 LINK, Question 2 LINK and Question 3 LINK and now for Question 4:

4) Should we bring back the monthly 10 / 100 sets?

I am a fan of the 10/100 sets.  It's nice to check in and see how one is doing from time to time.  But I don't think having them monthly is the way to go.  After four months in a row it becomes a daunting and repetitive task.  Also our attendance at these workouts begin to dwindle.  I'd like to see this workout to be maybe a quarterly event.  On top of that it should be more of a choice by moving this set from the Monday workouts to one of the weekend workouts.  Being a Masters Swim Team we made up with everything from the casual fitness swimmer to the swimming elite.  Having a check in set such as the 10x100's doesn't appeal to everyone and once again seems to have an negative effect on attendance.  By moving it to let's say Sunday at 3pm only those who really want to do the set will come drawing from the other weekend workouts. 

Read more about my past 10x100's LINK


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