It Was Like Swimming In An Outdoor Steam Room
You Know You Are A Swimmer When...

5000 SCY Swim

I decided to squeeze one more swim in before I left so I headed to the WeHo Pool for lap swim.  Luckily I had my own lane for the entire swim.  Wahoo!

Warmed Up
400 Swim
300 Pull
200 Kick
100 Swim (1,000)

Main Set:
6x50's on 50
4x100's on 1:30
3x200's on 2:30
4x100s on 1:20
6x50's on 40 (2,000yards / 3000 yards)

10x100's Kick on 2:00 (1,000 / 4,000 yards)

3x300's Pull on 4 Mins.
1st One Breathing every 3
2nd One Breathing every 4
3rd One Breathing every 5 (900 / 4,900 yards)

100 warm down for a total of 5,000 yards.
Since I was on my own I didn't push myself that much.  I just kept under the intervals making sure I got some rest.  The water was warm so I figured work on my stroke and have a relaxing swim.  By the time I was finishing up people started to enter the pool so I finished just in time.  This will be last real swim for a week as I'll be in Florida.  The pool that is available to me is a 20 yard pool.  Ugh!  I was hoping to swim with a certain Masters team but they do not allow visitors to swim with them.  I was shocked to find that out.  But it is at a retirement community so I'd be lapping the swimmers anyways but even so non-residents of the community are not allowed to swim in the competition pool.  Which is odd as they had the "Senior Games" at this pool.  No need to fight the man on this stupid issue.  I'll just swim with the noodlers and enjoy my time in Florida.  Oh and the picture in this post was taken at the recreational pool I'll be swimming in.  I'm so going to do flip turns on those people!  Kidding.  Although the lady wearing a sun visor in the pool cracks me up!  I can just hear it "excuse me, can you not splash when you are swimming.  You are getting my hair wet". 

Happy Holidays To All!


Merry Christmas Jeol! Enjoy your time in Florida, come back rested and ready for the back half of the season!

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