Taking A Day Off
Another Ad From Michael Phelps

Almost Back In The Swim Of Things

After another day of hacking and a running nose I felt like I was ready to go swimming.  Plus sleeping most of yesterday left me restless and up hours before 5am.  I was up early enough to hear the LA Times being delivered at 3:15am.  So I headed to swim but on my way I was having second thoughts as I wasn't feeling so hot.  I kept telling myself to give it a try this morning and if after warmup if I still felt icky I'd leave. 

I warmed up around a 400 and felt confident enough to stay for the workout.  We then did a 100 DPS counting the first lap, minus one stroke the second lap, minus two strokes the third lap and then regular dps for the last lap.  I started with 21 strokes the first lap, 19 the 2nd, 17 the 3rd and 18 the last lap.  I need to work on my strokes per lap.

4x125s 10 secs rest.  50 drill / 75 swim.  First drill was  modified swordfish, then one arm, then some drill that I don't know the name of then the last one was fist.

Then we did a 300 Pull.  50 DPS / 50 Fast

A 50.  Build the first 25.  Sprint the second 25.

5x300's on 4:15
first one the first 50 & last 50 fast
second one the last 100 fast
third one the middle 100 fast
fourth one the first 100 fast
last one 100 technique then 200 race strategy. 
These were to be descended.  My times were slow with a 3:41, 3:39, 3:38, 3:40 and 3:34.  Not bad considering I've been sick and out of the water but not fast in any way.  If I didn't have my lane mate on my feet the whole time I would have been a lot slower.  He pushed me even when I didn't feel like going fast.

100 easy

4x25's on 30/30/30/45
100 on 1:45
These were choice and I did them all backstroke.  Didn't feel strong enough to do any butterfly. 

Overall the workout was good for me so I'm glad I went.  I wont' be swimming full steam by Friday but I'm getting back swim by swim.  Tomorrow is New Years so no swimming!  Hope everyone has a great New Year full of some great swims!


All the very best for 2009 Joel!

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