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Back In The Water

After a week out of the water and battling a cold I decided to swim this morning.  I kept debating with myself last night and this morning if I should or not.  It wasn't a debate of if I can swim it was more of me debating how contagious I am to my lane mates.  Monday is an easy workout so I knew I could hack it even if I was hacking.  I warmed up a very slow 400 free.  Some swimming but mostly pulling without paddles.  Just swimming a few laps it was clear to me that my body was not use to swimming and the muscles would need to relearn how to engage themselves. 

After the 400 we did 8x25's kick.  Funny enough that this was pretty easy for me even being a non-kicker.  These were all free and on 30 seconds.  I will admit later on some leg muscle pain/fatigue started but not during this set.

400 Pull as follows.  1st 200 Distance Per Stroke.  2nd 200 breath control every 3/5/any/7 by 50.  The eagerness in me got to me during the 1st 200 as I tried to test my limits of speed.  My stroke was sloppy and after one push off the wall ran into the lane line head on.  I have a little mark smack dab in the middle of my forehead to prove it.  Which also shows that I need to be looking down not up on my streamlines.  Then again since I am looking up they shouldn't be called streamlines as I am not very streamline.

Two sets of 4x100's.  Round One on 1:25 and Round Two on 1:30.  These were descending 1-4 and 5-8 with second round faster than the first.  My times sucked as I did a 1:09/1:09/1:08/1:06 then 1:10/1:09/1:09/1:05. 

Then we did a 100 easy before switching to stroke.

3x150's.  10 secs rest.  75 kick / 50 drill / 25 swim.  Fly/Back/Breast

8x25s on 30 IM order

And that was it.  Wasnt the best workout ever but just enough to reengage my muscles and body to swimming.  Now I can let the muscles recover and swim again hopefully tomorrow night.  I figure by the end of the week I'll be my old self swimming.


thx. i will admit i felt better in the water than I do now at my computer. damn colds. hope all is well and happy new year!


Ow! (My lane line injuries are usually fingers.)

You'll definitely be back to your old self (which, of course, isn't actually that old!) in no time.

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