AQUAview: Hugues Duboscq
Sunday Afternoon Swim

December's 10x100's

Tomorrow at practice we have our 10x100's and to be honest I don't want to do them. Now I could skip workout but that would mean one less workout for me this week. That is an option but the other option is to have a little protest during workout and do my own thing. Mind you I don't want to disrupt the workout and mess up anyone who want's to do the 10x100's. I've been thinking of alternatives to the 10x100's. Some of these alternatives are 10x100's but not done all out. For those of you who has never swam the 10x100's set it can be easily explained as swimming ten 100 yards all out sprint freestyle on a three minute interval. The point of the set is to make you puke at seven in the morning. Actually the point is that after you swim the set and look at the times you'll have a sense of how you are doing and gauge your training. Now this set following short course regionals is pretty pointless as I know how I am swimming in regards to my training.
The 10x100's set is normally done on the 1st Monday of the month but was pushed back one week due to regionals. We will do this set again on Monday, January 5th and then again once a month up to Nationals in May. Once again this set is to gauge how one is in training leading up to Nationals or IGLA. Mind you anyone who would be swimming to be in competition most likely swam last weekend at regionals like me and know how they are doing.

So what to do about tomorrow? I had thought I'd do the 10x100's but kick them all. But that seemed boring. Okay it's 10x100's on 3 minutes so I can kick 30 minutes non stop. Do I really want to kick that much? No. Plus if I share the lane with someone who wants to do the prescribed 10x100's I'd screw them up which isn't fair. Hmm...what to do? How about a relay? If I have one other person we could each swim just a 50 of the 100 and try to beat our times each one. A 50 is easy enough, right? That really doesn't sound much different from the 10x100's though. Come on brain, think! Oh! Eureka! How about a raffle! What? I'll have a hat on deck with folded slips of paper which will have written one of the following on each paper slip: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, kick, underwater, freestyle breathing every 3, every 5, every 7, etc.. Before each 100 I'd pick a slip of paper and I and anyone so inclined would swim the 100
how we picked at random. I'd write each selection on ten pieces of paper so in theory I or we could be forced to swim 10x100's breaststroke. Yeah, I'll be doing the 10x100's but at least it'll be fun and not mind numbing and pain inducing all out 100's!


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