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Back In The Pool...Thursday Night Swim

Finally a real swim practice.  It feels like I havn't swam in a month even though it was just a few days.  My last practice was Sunday since the rain wrecked havoc with swim this week.  So tonight I headed to swim.  It's freezing outside here in LA but a few brave folks made it to swim practice.  The water is really warm so it feels good at first but after warming up it was to much.  For the last 20 minutes of workout I was pretty much goofing off and just using it as a warm down.

Warmed up about a 300 on my own before the warm up set. 

200 Pull on 2:50 breathing 3/5/3/5 by 50
3x50's Kick (forgot interval let's say a minute)
hmm...we did something here.  oh well it's the warm up set.
3x50's Kick
200 Pull on 2:50 breathing 3/5/5/7

one more warm up set of 9x50's.  It was some sort of pattern.  I went to the bathroom and missed what it was.  I sorta winged it. 

Main Set:
25 Fly on 30
25 Free on 30
50 Fly on 50 (25 swim / 25 drill)
50 Free on 50
75 Fly on 1:15 (i think) (25 swim / 25 drill  25 swim)
75 Free on 1:15
300 IM on 4:40
25 back on 30
25 Free on 30
50 back on 50 (25 swim / 25 drill)
50 Free on 50
75 back on 1:15 (i think) (25 swim / 25 drill  25 swim)
75 Free on 1:15
300 IM on 5:00 (we extended the interval as not everyone was making it on the 4:40)
25 breast on 30
25 Free on 30
50 breast on 50 (25 swim / 25 drill)
50 Free on 50
75 breast on 1:15 (i think) (25 swim / 25 drill  25 swim)
75 Free on 1:15
300 IM
I worked the first two 300's.  The way the lanes were tonight it was a bit difficult as I was lapping my lane mates.  But also the last person in the lane next to me so it wasn't like if I had moved over it would have been better.  By the third 300 IM I was tired, the hot water was getting to me and I was just not in the mood.  Each 300 was supose to be faster but it gets annoying catching up to someone in your lane.  Mind you it was only 3 in the lane and we were only going 5 seconds apart. 

The way lanes workout there will always be people lapping each other in anything more than a 200.  That's just the nature of the beast with our team and swimming in a 25 yard pool.  It sucks for both the leader and the last person.  I've been both so I know how it is.  The leader ends up having to slow up a bit and the last person struggles not to get lapped.  It's discouraging at times.   But that is the price of Masters swimming.

After a 100 easy (only did a 50 as I took a pee break and needed to cool off.) 

50 easy
100 easy
75 fast
50 fast
25 fast

I had nothing left but stayed and finished all three rounds.  Pretty much in the end only 3 out of 7 of us remained.  The evening workouts that are 90 minutes tend to turn out this way.  After the 70 minute mark the lanes begin to thin out.  The coaches know it and the main set always seems to end close to 8:10pm. 


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