AQUAview: Hugues Duboscq
5000 SCY Swim

It Was Like Swimming In An Outdoor Steam Room

I woke up from a nice warm toasty sleep and went swimming this morning.  Brr...nothing like a refreshing swim outside with temps hovering in the low 30's F.  The water was close to 83/84 so at least getting in the water was okay.  Swimming at a fast pace wasn't okay.  Warmed up about a 300 before our warm up set. 

Swimming today was a bit rough.  The water was warm and the air cold so you swam in a cloud of steam rising off the pool.  My goggles kept fogging up so reading the clock was a pain. 

The warm up set.  Hmm...what did we do.  Something with some kick.  But not too much kick.  Then some drilling and some swimming.  I think it was 3 times 100 kick / some 75's drill then 50's swim. 

We only had two of us in our lane so I went second but 10 seconds apart.  I actually caught up to the leader in the 100's and used this as a guide to pace myself so I wouldn't go too fast during the first part of the main set.

Main Set:
6x100's Freestyle alternating 1:20/1:15
50 Kick on 60
4x100's Freestyle on 1:15
50 Kick on 60
2x100's Freestyle on 1:10
50 Kick on 60

I was holding 1:06's for the first two round of 100's then 1:04's for the last two.  I didn't feel like I was going all that fast.  I think the water temp being warm fools me into thinking I'm going slower than I really am.  I was also doing my best not to breath the first stroke off the wall.  Trying to break that habit. 

Stroke Set:
100 on 1:30 Choice (did backstroke)
2x75's on 1:10  50 fly / 25 breast
100 on 1:30 Choice (did backstroke)
2x75's on 1:10  50 breast / 25 fly
100 on 1:30 Choice (did backstroke)
2x75's on 1:10 50 back / 25 free
100 on 1:30 Choice (did backstroke)
2x75's on 1:10 50 free / 25 back

I died during this set.  Between last nights workout and the free set I didn't have much left to do this stroke set.  I fell behind in the breast and didn't recover.  I just took my time with this set.  I skipped a 50 in the last 100 choice. 

Finishing up with 6x25's butterfly on 30.  1x25 only 3 breathes, 1x25 only 2 breathes and 1x25 only 1 breathe and repeat.

I did a 50 warm down and got out.  This was my last coached workout for a bit as I'm off to Florida tomorrow.  I can swim in a recreational pool on my own but most likely won't or if I do not swim too hard.  I'll pack both swimming and running gear just in case I muster myself to workout. 


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