AQUAview: Pieter Van den Hoogenband
Damp, raining and no swimming.

Jacuzzi Lap Swim

Why did I decide to go swimming when it's 40 degrees outside?  This morning I hit the weho pool for a lap swim against my better judgement to sleep in.  I decided to bike which was mistake number one as it was pretty chilly at 6am.  I could see my breath.  Once at the pool you couldn't see the clock due to the steam rising from the hot pool.  Hot it was.  So glad I really didn't have an agenda for swimming today besides just swimming to keep in some sort of shape. 

Warmed up a 400.

Kick 6x75's on 1:30.  odds free / evens stroke. (300/700)

300 Pull (300/1000)

10x100's using the Secret Santa Slips of Paper! (1000/2000)

10 folded slips of paper of each of the following:

and 4 folded slips of paper of each of the following:
breathing every 3
breathing every 5
breathing every 7
breathing every 9

We ended up doing 2 breast / 2 back / 1 free / 2 breathing every 7 / 1 kick, 1 IM and something else.

We then did 5x50's still picking from the slips of paper.   (250/2250)

We really weren't going on any intervals.  The water was hot and we weren't in a swimming mood.  Just trying to swim off those holiday snacks. (400/2650)

Not much yardage but at least it was a swim. I'll be lucky to even swim 2650 next week when I'm in Florida.  I may swim tomorrow if the rain holds off then on Thursday and Friday.  May, just may hit the lap swim again on Saturday morning before I leave.  Squeeze in one last workout for the year!


I love lap swimming! It's the best workout ever! It's totally safe, if you have injuries, develops muscles and burns fat at the same time. I can't do such an intensive trainig as you do, but still.. There's only one thing I don't like about swimming: as a woman, I don't wanna get wide shoulders ad masculine body shape, and intensive swimming builds breast a lot. So I prefer it in small doses just to keep my core strong.

Awe! Still stuck in the snow? I won't be swimming next week so I feel your pain. But it'll be nice to have some time off. Happy Holidays if I don't email you in the next week or so.

I have been swim deprived this past week, so any swim sounds like a good one to me!

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