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Rain, Rain...Come On Monday

Monday is the kickoff for our once a month 10x100 Check Off Challenge or the Breakthrough Challenge. The last time we did this set was in April and I'm not looking forward to doing this again.

A little about the 10x100's Sets:

In a race/meet environment, our bodies produce higher levels of lactic acid, higher heart rates and inevitable fatigue. ‘Breakthrough Sets’ call for high-intensity repetitive swimming on a specific work-to-rest ratio, giving our bodies enough rest to recover partially, but not completely, between each of the 100s. Breakthrough Sets, when pushed to our personal maximum speeds, improve our ability to perform consistently for an extended time at high speeds, despite this increased level of lactic acid.

These sets are designed to be difficult and should be painful (in a good way). With that, if you plan on attending one of Monday’s ‘Breakthrough Sets’ workouts, please mentally prepare for a challenging and valuable practice.

Now besides the fact that I really don't like these anymore it will be raining on Monday. So we may be swimming in the rain. Oh Joy! Read about past 10x100's Set LINK


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