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Since I will be hitting one of the lap swims tomorrow as we don't have a workout at the Santa-run_sm WeHo Pool I was trying to think of a workout I'd want to do.  Hmm...something fun but still a little bit of a challenge.  Then I thought about how today was to be the 10x100's which I didn't want to do so I came up with a random fun way to do them.  Last night I grabbed some paper and made little slips of paper as follows...

10 folded slips of paper of each of the following:

SantaModel241x500 and 4 folded slips of paper of each of the following:
breathing every 3
breathing every 5
breathing every 7
breathing every 9

So I was thinking after the warm up I'd do either 50's or 100's for an hour.  Before each 50 or 100 I'd pull a piece of paper and whatever is written on it would be how I'd swim it.   I'm leaning towards doing 100's all on 1:45 which would allow me to do 30 in one hour and leave time for warm up and warm down sets.  30x100's on 1:45 all picked at random.  Just like picking a Secret Santa or Snowflake.  I know some of my team mates don't like gimecky workouts like this but I think it breaks up the routine.  I may get bored 1/2 way into the set and change my mind.  Then again lap swim may be packed and I'll just get out frustrated at the noodlers.


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