Synchronized Swimming on Nintendo Wii
Mini-Distance Free Workout

100's of Backstroke

I thought tonight would be an overcrowded workout since it's a postcard perfect sunny day in So Cal with temps in the 80's.  The warmer it is outside usually brings out the swimmers.  But not tonight as I had my own lane for the entire workout.  Which was a good thing for me.  Even if it was the wall lane.  The workout itself was pretty easy which was also a good thing for me.  When I jumped into the pool right off the bat I was feeling pretty strong and almost sprinting.  Normally that is a bad sign as I won't last for the full 90 minutes.  But I was able to build from my speedy warmup.

I warmed up a mix 750.  Did 3x50's in which I stopped, looked around, fixed my goggles, putzed around, chatted a it before I pulled w/o paddles 300.  I then put on the paddles and pulled a 100.  I then took off the paddles and pulled a 250 IM.  The coach stopped us before I started my free.

Drill Warm Up Set:
75 IM Drill / No Free on 1:10
50 Stroke IM order all on 50 except Breast was on 55

Warm Up Set:
4x150's Free Pull Odds Breathing 3/5/7 by 50 & Evens Building.  I used my paddles for the first 3 of them.  1 & 2 we did them on 2:00 / 3 & 4 on 2:05

Main Set:
200 Free on 2:40 easy / recovery
3x100's Stroke on 1:30 descending
I did all my rounds backstroke.  Wasn't feeling like a fly day.  After weights this morning my arms would have fallen off.

50 easy

Kick Set:
50 easy on 1:05
2x25's fast on 30
50 easy

tuesday's yardage total 4350
this months yardage total 21,975


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