Sunday Funk
Hollywood Gym Time

6am On A Monday Swim

I was debating on sleeping in and swimming tonight but I had a crappy sleep last night and was up already so I just rolled over and got on my feet.  Once at the pool I was feeling lazy but in a better mood than yesterdays swim. Hard to be in a bad or any mood at 6am.  Chatted with the coach a bit then started my warm up.  I pulled a 300. 

Kick Set:

100 Kick

50 Kick / 50 Drill

50 Drill / 50 Swim (300/600)

Main Set:

10x100's Free on 1:20

1-5 descend.  I started off slow with a 1:15 then down to a 1:11 forgot the next two but then finished up with a 1:08

6-10 Fast.  Umm..I ascended these.  1:06,1:08,1:08,1:10,1:10.  My arms and legs felt like jello.  Oh well.  (1000/1600)

50 easy (1650)

500 Pull building within each 100.  I didn't use paddles.  (500/2150)

Stroke Part: (i did back today)

100 Kick

50 Kick / 50 Drill

50 Drill / 50 Swim (300/2450)

Main Stroke Set:

5x100's Fast on 1:40.  I descended but my times sucked.(500/2950)

6x25's spring on 45.  Odds Free / Evens Choice (I did them IM order) (150/3100)

Total yardage for this year so far 17,625.  My previous entry math was incorrect.  I'll need to double check.

50 warm down (3150)


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