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Almost Too Cold To Be Outdoors Today In Los Angeles

This morning after the second time I hit the snooze button I told myself I needed to stay in bed.  After an internal struggle of sleeping in or going swimming I ended up facing the freezing temps (40 degrees F) and biked to swim.  Nothing is more fun than running from the locker room showers, wet in a speedo on deck to the pool.  Of course the pool temp was a little toasty so at least during the warmup the warm water felt good.

Warmed up a 400 on my own.

5x50's Kick on 60 (250/650)

The 500's:
500 as follows 50 Drill / 50 Swim no interval.  The drills were modified swordfish, on arm, 3 free / 3 back, 3 strokes / kick / 3 strokes and finger tip drag.

500 Pulling on 6:30 (1st 200 breathing 3/5/any/7 by 50 then a 300 DPS)  I only counted my strokes for the last 100 of the 300 DPS.  I was leading so counting laps and remember my interval was in my head to the last 100.

5x100's on 1:20.  Pace.  I did #'s1, 3,4 & 5 on 1:12 and #2 on 1:11

we took a short break before launching into

2x500's on 7 mins.  I did the first one on 6:12 and the second one on 5:50.  The second one was suppose to be faster and I worked it.  Doing that was a bit tough.  With the lane lines slowly becoming just wire in between the lanes and the lane over having swimmers doing butterfly it was like swimming in the ocean.  Every so often you'd catch someone's wake and it was like you went backwards.  I will admit since the lane lines are without plastic markers for the first 10 yards off each wall it is really making me work on my underwater streamline to avoid the big wave areas.  So some good comes of this somewhat disaster of a pool. (2500/3150)

50 easy (50/3200)

2x75's easy-ish on 1:15 (150/3350)

3x25's off the block (with 2x25's easy back ot the blocks) (125/3475)

The yardage for today's swim was 3,475.  I was tempted to do a double with freestyle as my first workout then hop on over to the stroke lanes for the 2nd but I was feeling a bit sore and tired.  Plus I looked and the 7:15 workout had about 6 strokers in the fast lane and just that many in the free lane so I decided to bail.  I'll work on my fly on Friday.  Really, I will!  Hey, I did a 25 sprint fly off the blocks.  That is some fly!

Total yardage month and year to date is:  60,350.  With possibly 2 more swims left this month i should come in just over 65,000 yards.  Although one of those swims may be a LCM swim.  Maybe.  I plan on swimming Friday morning and Saturday.  Sunday will be my recovery day instead of Saturday as it is Super Bowl Sunday.  Have a party to attend at the same time as the afternoon swim so the party wins out.


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