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Best Swim Workout Set In The History of Swimming

Okay, maybe not the best set but I really liked tonight's main set.  But before I get to that it took me a bit to get out of my sluggish mood.  I had to run an errand by the pool before swimming so after that I waited 40 minutes on deck watching the lap swimmers.  Everytime I watch them I'm reminded why I like going to a practice.  I don't know how anyone can swim in the same lane with 3 other people doing 3 different things at the same time.  You got one guy doing breaststroke, some guy kicking and another guy swimming with paddles.  Actually the guy with paddles wasn't swimming as much as slapping the water really hard.  I couldn't stop wondering how bad his shoulder pain is going to be tonight. 

Once it was time to swim I got in and did the following:
100 swim
300 pull w/o paddles
300 pull with paddles
150 kick
The given warm up to be completed to the coach holds us up was 400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick and 100 swim.  I get in late and well goof off at the start of workout.  Stopping every 50 to adjust my goggles and what not. (850)

Kick warm up set:
100 easy on 2:00
2x50's fast on 55
100 easy on 2:00
4x50's fast on 55 (i swear we did 5 but whatever)
100 easy on 2:00
pee break so i missed 2x50's out of 6 so I did 4x50's fast on 55 (800/1650)

warming up still:
4x50's on 45.  one easy / one build (200/1850)

Now for the best main set in the history of swimming:
5x400's Freestyle!  Wahoo distance swimming! As follows:
1x400 on 5:20
2x200's on 2:30
1x400 on 5:20
4x100's on 1:15
1x400 on 5:20
For the first 400 I started off with a 1:10 before settling in at about 1:11's or so.  I caught up to the lane leader who was 10 seconds ahead of me so we switched for the rest of the set.  For the 2x200's I held 1:11/1:12 which I continued to hold for the middle 400.  Then at the 4x100's I slowed up each 100 finishing up at 1:15.  I took a second and was off for the last 400.  I started with a 1:15 and descended down to a 1:10 for the last 100 of it.  (2000/3850)

100 easy (100/3950)

10x50's on 55.  #'s3/5/7/10 sprint choice of stroke.  I did those backstroke swimming but wasn't super fast just fast or to however I could go after that main set.  The rest of them I pulled them freestyle. (500/4350)

So tonight's workout was pretty good.  I broke past my sluggish feeling and really rallied during the main set.  Maybe because I like distance sets like this.  I'd prefer to have done just 5x400's but this was close enough!  Plus it was a perfect night for swimming.  Well in lane mates that is as I had a pretty laid back swimmer in my lane who never stopped and just kept swimming.  He never gave up and put on paddles during the main set to keep up.  He didn't sit out any part of it and then leave on my heels.  It was the most perfect swim set at a workout in a very long time.  I wish every swim was like this. 

My running total of yardage for 2009 is 16,250.  Oh and doing weights today didn't bother me at all to the very last 10x50's.  Nice to be almost back in shape!


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