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Fore! Swim Golf Drill Day

It is almost too cold to be swimming outside but of course I still swam anyways.  I met up with a team mate of mine and we did a quick little lap swim workout.  It was time to try 9 Hole Swim Golf!  In between swimming today I was able to meet a reader of my little blog and fellow swimmer (Arthur) who was vacationing from South America. 

Here was the workout:
300 Swim
200 Pull No Paddles
200 Pull with Paddles
100 Swim (700)

2x25's Free pn 20
1x50 Free on 40
1x100 easy 9200/900)

Golf Swim
Do one 50 on 2 minutes freestyle.  Count your stroke and get your time!

9x50's on 60.  Counting your strokes and getting your time for each 50.  (500/1400)

100 easy (100/1500)

5x100's  1:45/1:40/1:35/1:30/ all our sprint on the last one (500/2000)

Warm Down Set:
50 Kick
50 Swim
100 Kic
50 Kick
50 Swim (300/2300)

For the Golf Swim I went to find a cheap white board like those that we all use to have on our dorm door but didn't want to pay 10 bucks.  So then I figured I'd use our teams board as it would be just on deck collecting dust.  But since it was just the two of us I figured I'd use my notebook and jot the score (stroke count + time) down.  Well water and ink don't go well together even more so on wet paper.  I got some of them down on paper:

The first 50 is to set the par.  My par was 74 and Sarah's was 60.  My stroke count for the 1st 50 was 38 which is pretty good for me.  I have a very high stroke count.  But I'm working on that hence this set.

On Hole One I did much better with a score of 70 while Sarah did a 59.

On Hole Two I was able to get down to a 68 while Sarah would be up to a 60.

On Hole Three I was back up to a 71 and Sarah was up to a 61.

On Hole Four I was down to a 69 and Sarah was settling in on a 60.  She pretty much kept to the 60 for the rest. 

On Hole Five it was deja vu with me coming in at 69 and Sarah at 60.

The next four holes you will just have to believe me as the paper was too wet to take nay more ink.  I did Hole Six at 68 before settling in around the 70 for the remaining of the course while Sarah kept on hitting 60.  The thing about the Golf Swim Set is that is makes you aware of your stroke count.  In our regular workouts we do a set from time to time when we count our strokes but to be honest by the time we get to the main set DPS is out of focus, out of mind and speed has taken over.  My theory is that if I do the Golf Swim Set on a regular basis I'll be more aware to my stroke count so when I do my main sets it will be ingrained in my mind and I'll have efficient strokes.  So like our 10x100's Monthly Check Set the 9 Hole Golf Set will be my monthly benchmark set. 

Speaking of the 10x100's Set next Monday is the big day.  I'm on the fence about skipping it yet again.  With the Rose Bowl Swim Meet just a few days after I don't know if I want to be sprinting 10x100's.  I won't be tapering for the meet but I also don't want to have been in a peek in my training a few days before. 

Today's yardage was a very lame 2,300 but it was a very good swim since it was all about technique.  My monthly and year to date yardage is 56,875.


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