100's of Backstroke
Swim Golf Drill

Mini-Distance Free Workout

After two days of record heat I woke this morning to a chilly morning.  I was shivering while biking to swim and once at the pool took my time getting in.  I ended up warming u a 300 free.  Today being Wednesday our workout was divided into "distance free" lanes and stroke lanes.  Since more people decided to do stroke the "distance free" lanes condensed down to two lanes.  My lane wasn't so bad as a group but the other lane was a mess with people who have minimal swimming skills and those who can swim but are slow/medium swimmers.  During our warmup sets those slow/medium swimmers gave up out of frustration as they were lapping the newbies almost every 100.

Warm Up Set:
100 Kick no board on stomach
50 drill / 50 swim
100 Kick on back
50 drill / 50 swim
400 pull (1st 200 breathing every 2/5/any/7 by 50 & 2nd 200 breathing every 3 or 5)
100 Kick
50 drill / 50 swim
400 pull DPS first 200 count strokes then minus 1, count strokes then minus 2, count strokes then minus 3 i'm skipping one of the 50 DPS as I sorta messed up.  The 2nd 200 was just dps. (1000 / 1300)

I think we did something else but I so can't remember as last nights workout is seeping into my head with this mornings workout.  I was feeling last nights workout this morning.  I wasn't keeping very good pace at all.  During the main set I was struggling to gain speed and maintain my stroke. 

Main Set:
4x250's on 3:20 I descended them.  Even still the fastest I could get to was about a 2:58.  Oy well. (1000/2400)

100 easy (2,500)

Then we did 7x25's sprint and I warmed down a 25 (200/2600)

Hmm....2,600.  I so forgot something.  Also I need to go back and redo last nights workout that I posted.  I looked at my notes and I blogged and extra 100.  Actually let's fix it now....i had a running total of 21,975 minus a hundred is 21,875.  Then add in this mornings 2,600 (even if I think I'm skipping some yardage big time). So my month and year to date yardage is 24,475.


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