Thursday Night SCY Swim
DIVA09: The Official Mascot of The 13th FINA World Championships.

My Own Private Lane

I guess this is the way it's going to be for now on at 6am with me having my own lane.  Not that I am complaining but I miss my fellow 6am fast lane swimmers.  I'm sure that this won't last too long as Nationals start to slowly come up but for now the fast swimmers sleep in and hit the 7:15am swim.  Over the past 4 and a 1/2 years that I've been swimming at 6am the fast lane has changed over and over again with swimmers coming and going.  But for now I get to either swim by myself or get extra rest.  And I've never been one to to complain about extra rest.

Warmed up a 250 on my own.  Then we did a warm up set in which I did add 5 seconds to one of the intervals but shhh...I didn't tell the coach that I did that.

2x75's Free Drill 50 Fist / 25 Finger Tip Drag on 120
200 Kick on 400
3x100's Free Swim on 1:25 (the original interval was 1:20) (1300/1550)

Main Set:
5x100's Free on 1:20 (i pulled these with No Paddles) (500)
75 Free on 1:20 (i think the interval was 1:00 but I wanted to square up the clock) (575)
50 Fly build on 50 (625)
4x25's fly sprint on 30(725)
ran to the restroom for my pee break and restarted at the shallow end
3x100's Free on 1:15 (i just swam these)(1025)
75 free on 1:15 (once again the interval was 1:00 but I wanted to square up the clock) (1200)
50 back build on 50 (1250)
4x25's back sprint on 30 (1350)
1x100 Free on 1:10 (1450)
75 Free on 1:10 (yeah the interval was 1:00 but why break the pattern i was doing so i did it on 1:10) (1525)
50 fly build on 50 (this was breaststroke but i wanted to work on my fly.  and i did.  as of late my fly has had been having technical difficulties.  In the past when swimming fly my arms would easily come out of the water and over for the recovery but these days it seems I need to force my arms up and over.  I think that may have something to do with some muscle loss.  One thing I'm trying to do is when swimming fly to keep low and keep looking down even with breathing.  This will keep me low and hopefully my underlation will carry my arms over instead of me throwing them over. (1575)
4x25's fly on 30 (1675/3225)

50 easy (3275)

200 Free on 2:40 breathing every 3/5/7/9 by 25
4x50's on 60
1st breathing 4 down / 1 back
2nd breathing 3 down / 1 back
3rd breathing 2 down / 1 back
4th breathing 1 down / 1 back (400/3675)

50 easy (3725)

These are the days I should be keeping a running total on deck of my yardage so I can finish up on an event amount.  So far the month and year to date yardage is 31,750.  This is about the 1/2 way of the month.  Will I hit 60,000?  Mind you I'm not swimming yardage just to get yardage.  I just think it's fun to keep track of it. 


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