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Sleeping In And Not So Much Butterfly

OH my lofty goal of waking up and hitting lap swim was a big failure this morning.  When my alarm went off on my iPhone to wake me I could feel the coldness of outside sneaking in from the window above me bed.  At that point I hit snooze.  And then again.  And again.  Finally I decided to sleep in.  The extra few hours were overdue for me.  Last night I was so tired that I couldn't even stay up to watch Lost.  I crawled into bed an watched Days of Our Lives on iTunes.  While I was watching I wrote up a little workout to do based on a previous workout.  It would be heavy on the 100 butterfly since I have the 200 SCY butterfly at the Rose Bowl Meet in 9 days.  The main set in theory was this:

1-4 1 fly / 3 free all on 1:30
5-8 2 fly / 2 free all on 1:35
9-12 3 fly / 1 free all on 1:40
13-16 all fly on 1:45

I figured that interval was doable considering the whole workout was pretty much that set plus a warm up set.  Warmed up was about 1,500 then the set.  So I figured I'd put 100% into the set.  I think I've done this set or one very much like it at least twice before so I knew I could handle it.  Even with being a bit out of shape on the butterfly.  I was hoping that the 6:30am lap swim wouldn't be so crowded so I'd have my own lane and the pool would be pretty calm. 

As for my actual workout plans for today I'm still debating.  I need to do my weight training later on since I didn't even bother to muster the energy to do that either this morning.  I figure I'll hit the gym on my way home which should be around 4 today.  Maybe a bit earlier.  Then maybe, just maybe I'll hit the 7pm workout after.  I wish I had a crystal ball and could see who will show up and how busy the lanes will be before I commit myself to swimming tonight.  I guess I could go and if I feel too crowded in the pool just take it easy and work on technique.  I got over 10 hours to think about that.


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