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6am On A Monday Swim

Sunday Funk

This was one of those days I shoould have stayed away from the pool.  I really wanted to swim but was tired from running around all day that swimming was something I shouldn't have done.  I ended up showing up late and leaving early.  I showed up about 8 minutes late then by the time I got my swim suit on, showered and got in the pool I got a 50 warm up.  It went down hill after that.

Kick Set:

200 Kick

4x50's Kick

took a pee and chat break

4x25's Kick  (500/550)


200 Drill Reverse IM

6x50's Drill 1-3 Free (fist / finget tip drag /kick 6 stroke kick 6 ) & 4-6 Stroke (500/1050)

Warm Up Set:

100 Free on 1:20 2x75's broken 50 butter / 25 back then 50 back / 25 breast

100 Free on 1:20 2x75's broken 50 breast / 25 free then 50 free / 25 fly (500/1550)

Main Set:

400 IM on 6 mins

3x100 Free on 1:30 1&2 easy 3 Sprint

2x200 IM ono 3

3x100 Free on 1:30 1 easy 2&3 Sprint

100 IM then gave up.  It was to be 4x100's IM's then 3x100's all sprint.  (my yardage 1500/3050)

 I had to get out.  Total yardage for 2009 so far is 14,470


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