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Monday: Slowing It Up And Keeping Those Feet Planted On The Wall

Sunday Swim

With two weeks to go before my 1st swim meet of the SCY season I am so not ready.  Not that I'm going to be tapering for this meet but I'm so not ready for it.  In theory my plan will be to swim 500 free, 1000 free and the 200 butterfly.  The 1000 free and 200 butterfly are back to back so for me it's going to be an interesting afternoon.  With that in mind today I attempted to add more fly into my workout.

Warmed up a 250 before we started our warm up set.
100 Kick on 2 mins
4x50's Kick on 1 min
100 Kick on 2 mins
4x50's Kick on 1 min
100 Drill
4x50's Drill  I mixed the strokes up for the kicking and drilling.  (600/850)

3x100's Free on 1:25
4x25's IM on 25
2x100's Free on 1:20
4x25's IM on 25
1x100 Free on 1:15
4x25's IM on 25 (900/1750)

Main Set:
100 Free on 1:25
3x100's Choice on 1:35 I did this round all freestyle
200 (150 easy / 50 fast)  I did the 50 butterfly
100 Free on 1:25
3x100's Choice on 1:40 I did this round backstroke
200 (100 easy / 100 fast) I did the fast 100 butterfly
100 Free on 1:25
2x100's Choice on 1:45 I did this round backstroke
200 (50 easy / 150 fast) I did the 150 fast butterfly
100 Free on 1:30 (was to be 1:25 but I wanted easy math)
2x100's Choice on 1:45.  I did one back and one easy free
200 Fast.  I did this butterfly.  I took the first 100 out nice and easy and looked up and noticed a 1:20 split.  I then picked it up a bit and did hte 2nd 100 on a 1:14 for a 2:34 200 fly.  Not the best 200 in my life but not bad.  It's the end of workout, I have a wall lane sharing the lane forced to do one arm drill excuse for my slowish time.  That and I'm so out of shape for the 200 fly.  I think I'll be sandbagging my 200 fly entry next weekend.  (2200/3950)

I then did a 50 warmdown for a toal of 4,000 yards.  That brings my month and year to date yardage at 50,775.  Depending on how much I swim this week I should hit the 60,000 mark for the month.  Or come close.


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