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At The Gym

Taking It Easy, A Friday Night Swim.

Ahh...Friday Night Swimming.  The Social Swim.  The 60 Minute Swim.  The easiest swim of the week.  Knowing that in advance makes it easier to accept.  Plus everyone is in a more social less swim swim swim fast fast fast mood.  It's an enjoyable swim even the parts that I don't like.  I started off with a 400 swim/pull.  I might have done more but for tracking I'll say 400.  Then we went to the deep end for 5 minutes of deep end kicking.  Ugh!  Then we did a 25 swimming freestyle with a 6 beat kick.  Something I so have yet to grasp the concept of.  I really need someone to stop me and show me how to do it.  When I swim butterfly I get in a groove and just keep moving to my underlation propelling me forward and my arms just moving.  In freestyle it's not so natural.  I've never been able to master kicking and swimming.  We then did about 2x25's starting in the center of the pool into the wall and back working on understream line and turns.  Then we did 4x50's in which you started in the middle, swam to the wall, flip, do a flip in the middle, swim to the other wall, flip and swim back to the middle.  These just tire me out.  All this flipping.  Oy!  Is it Long Course Meters Season Yet? Okay we are up to 675 yards so far.

Main Set:
4x25's Back on 25
2x50's Free on 45
3x100's IM on 1:45
take an additional 30 seconds rest
4x25's Free on 20
2x50's Fly or Back on 1:00
2x100's IM on 1:40
take an additional 30 seconds rest
4x25's Fly on 30
2x50's Back on 50
1x100 choice sprint.  I did back and did a 1:07.  I was going to do this fly but was feeling a bit of pain in my left arm.  It was like the muscle in my upper arm was twisted.  Odd feeling so no fly.  1100 yards for this set.

50 easy / cool down

So this whole workout was only 1,825 yards.  Gotta love Friday night!  But this will ding my yardage total only up to 11,425 for 2009.  Oh well.  Next week it'll bump up a bit.  This week I switched up my workout routine a bit by skipping the morning swims.  Normally I'd swim Monday morning, Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and Friday morning.  But my body was in recovery mode since I added weight training back into the mix on Tuesday and Thursday.  Next week I'll be mixing it up also.  Actually the next few weeks I'm going to tweak my scheadule a bit.  Just for the fun of it. 


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