Long Beach 1968 Belmont Pool & Mark Spitz
My Own Private Lane

Thursday Night SCY Swim

I made it to swim this evening with the plan of getting out at the 60 minute mark. I figured I'd swim 60 minutes and that would be enough for me and I'll be able to swim tomorrow morning.  I ended up swimming 75 minutes instead but I didn't swim thefull 90 minutes. 

We actually was given a warmup which I ignored and pulled a 400 with several stops along the way.  We started off with a kick set made up of 1x25, 1x50, 1x75 and then I took a pee break and went on with 1x25, 1x50, 1x75 and then only a 50 of a 100.  So I kicked 550 yards.  (550/950)

Stroke Set:
3x one round of each stroke
100 on 1:50 broken by 25 taking 5 seconds rest
100 on 1:45 broken by a 50 then 2x25's taking 5 seconds rest
100 on 1:40 broken by a 75 then a 25 taking 5 seconds rest
100 on 1:35 not broken
The first round was fly and that went swimmingly.  Well maybe not the 25's or the 50 but the 75 and 100 went really good. I will admit to taking more than 5 seconds rest each and every time for all the rounds.  I basically waited to the guy before me got to the wall and in some of the strokes that was up to 10 seconds.  The guy who was second in the next lane made up for my extra rest by taking 2 or 3 seconds rest if any.  Some people can't count to 5 for the life of it.  These are the people who I hate going behind me.  You do your first turn thinking you have 5 seconds of space but nope that guy who can only count to 2 is right on your ass.  I made it a point for the fly and back rounds to be far ahead of him in the 100's.  Then came the breaststroke round.  Oy!  The knee pain started almost on the first 25 then the arms.  I swear the human body was not meant to bend like that!  I did breaststroke pull with some free and fly kick every so often to make the intervals.  F' it!  I did the thing I hate when other people do it.  But I went last in the breaststroke lane and was more than 5 seconds behind the guy in front of me so I didn't disturb his swim.  (1200/2150)

Free Set:
400 on 6:10
5x50's on 60 1 & 3 Sprint.  I sprinted the hell out of them.  I was shocked!  Me, sprinting?  Why would I do that.  These would be the only 2 I'd sprint.
300 on 4:00
5x50's on 55.  1 & 3 in theory are a sprint.
200 on ... used it as a warmdown.  Basically I was past the time I wanted to swim for and those first two 50 sprints wiped me out.  (1400/3550)

So my yardage for tonight was 3,550 making my month to date and year to date yardage total: 28,025.  Oh I'll hit the 30,000 tomorrow!

If I had stayed the main set would have went on to
5x50's on 50 1 & 3 sprint
1x100 on 1:20
5x50's on 45 1& 3 sprint
A good set if you like to sprint.  I need to think less during some of these workouts and just swim.  Sometimes I look at the set on the board and just in my head and sometimes outloud "this is a stupid set, i'm not doing it"  or if the coach says to work one part of the workout say the 50's of the above set and I say "nah, i'm going to work the distance".  I gotta stop doing that.  I need to take the workouts for what they are.  All of the sprinting will help in my distance events.  I just wish we did more distance sets in our workouts.  I sometimes think that the words pace and set are not in any of the coaches vocabulary. 


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