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Top 10's, Training and 2009 Meets

It's not February 1st yet so I'm not allowing myself to really even think about swim meets for 2009. Other swimmers are talking about what they plan on swimming and how they will be training for this year's SCY Nationals.  As for me besides my thinking of skipping the 200 butterfly I'm trying not to think about this year swim meets.  At least not yet.  Swimming the 200 butterfly means training for the 200 butterfly which I don't know if I want to.  But if I do swim it at Nationals it will be points for the team as I'm sure to finish in the top ten.  I'm not really thinking too much into this, at least not yet but I'd prefer only to swim events that will bring points for the team.  Otherwise I don't see much point of swimming events at Nationals.  If I want to swim an event to see how I would do I have a lot of other local options for that.  Including a meet in a few weeks at the Rose Bowl.  If I want to swim at this event I can deck enter or start to think about it now as the mail in deadline is this Saturday.  Which is why this post is me thinking about swimming while typing.  I'm breaking my own self imposed rule of no meet talk to Feb 1st but then again I think I meant Nationals.  So talking about this is okay.  Here is the list of the individual events for the Rose Bowl meet:

1.     500 yards Free

2.     400 yards IM

3.     200 yards Back

4.     200 yards Breast

5.     1000 yards Free

6.     200 yards Fly

7.     200 yards Free

8.     200 yards IM

Looking at this list I'm crushed by the order of events.  The 1000 yards free is followed by the 200 yards fly.  Plus if I'm going I'm also going to swim the 500 yards free earlier that day.  I don't know if my body can handle that all in one day.  But then again it would be a fun thing to find out.  How much can I take?  It's only 1700 yards. 

As for 2008 swimming the USMS Top 10 SCM deadline is next Monday so based on the past the preliminary Top 10 SCM Times for 2008 should be up 2 weeks after that.  So by my birthday on the 14th or that following Monday I'll know how I did for 2008.  Of course that will just be preliminary and can and will change.  On the 14th I turn 39 marking my last year in this age group.  I'm out to prove that I'm actually getting faster as I age and not the opposite. 


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