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10x100's. How Can 4 Little Laps Hurt So Much?

Ahh...Monday.  Shit...1st Monday of the Month!  The 1st Monday of each month we do a little set of 10x100's all out fast.  It's out Check Set or Breakthrough Set which is a guide to see how one's training is going.  Personally I am not a fan of this set but I showed up anyways.  After a weekend of too much fun, not enough sleep and no swimming I knew it was going to be an ugly morning swim.  I just didn't know how ugly it would be.  It turned out not to be as ugly as I thought it would be. 

Warmed up a 300 before starting one quick warm up set.  6x50's on 50 as follows:  first 25 fast, middle 25 fast, last 25 fast and repeat.  (600)

10x100's Yards All Out Freestyle on 3:00's:
Not great times.  Not as bad as I was expecting times.  When I started off with a 1:07 I figured that was about the fast as I could get after struggling in the 50's warm up set.  Yes my times seemed a bit all over the place with a bit of a descend.  At the 9th 100 I will admit to not only doing an open turn at the 75 mark but I just glided into the wall.  At least I did them and at the very least next month has to be better.  (1,000/1,600)

100 easy (100/1,700)

Then we did some 75's.  Let's say 4 I think.  4 or 6.  Must have been 6.  Yeah 6x75's odd swim/kick/swim and evens swim/drill/swim choice of stroke but they must be allt he same.  I did them backstroke.  (450/2,150)

5x25's Sprint on 30 the stroke you just did.  Then I did a 25 warm down (150/2,300). 

I was going to sleep in and maybe I should have.  But maybe by swimming I was able to get the cobwebs out of me and I'll be back to normall tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow I'm going to swim at Culver during the early morning lap swim to get some pace work in the long course pool. 

Month to date Yardage:  2,300
Year to date Yardage:  66,740


If I do them next month. I think the fact that I go into them thinking that this is a waste of my time and how much do I hate these 10x100's might have to do with the fact that I give up and do open turns and glide into the wall. Maybe just maybe. I should be like 1/2 of the 6am group and just not show up. Which is another reason to hate the set, anything that forces my swim mates to skip a workout pisses me off. I think if people really want to do this then rent out the pool for an extra hour on Saturday or Sunday and do it. Don't mess with our regular workouts.

Next month will be much better, I'm sure!

(It's not the kind of set I look forward to either!)

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