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Another Month, Another 10x100's.

Another month has passed and on Monday our team does this little check set of 10x100's all out on 2:30/3:00 (times vary by coach).  When we first started doing these a few years back I liked them.  Over time I have grown a strong dislike of the set.  Sometimes the timing is just dumb as it was in December just days after Regionals.  The 10x100's set aim is to let each swimmer know how they are doing in training.  In December if a swimmer cared about how he or she was doing they would have just competed making the set pointless.  I skipped them in January as if I recall it was raining cats and dogs.  I heard people still swam them regardless.  In February I did them but after a weekend of having a bit too much fun and then not warming up much before hand ended up descending the 100's.  But now it is March.  I have four days to come up with an excuse on either why I didn't do them or why I sucked at them.  Read my past posts on 10x100's LINK.


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