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Finger Lickin' Good. The Swimmer Who Became The Bird

In my book reading adventures I just finished reading John Jerome's "Staying With It: On becoming An Athlete" (amazon link) which is based on his tale of becoming an Master Swimmer.  Although I found the book to be a bit boring I was able to gleam a few highlights from it. For example this little paragraph about Dark Meat vs White Meat:

The musculature of birds has other ramifications for athletics.  Chicken breasts are composed of white meat - fast-twitch muscles for sprinting.  Chickens fly, if at all, in short bursts, for which the long, slow delivery of oxygenated energy is not needed.  The energy supplies in the muscle itself are sufficient.  (Those energy supplies are stored as glycogen, a form of glucose, or sugar.  Some say white meat tastes sweeter than dark.)  For tasks of longer duration, like standing around, the oxygenated system is more efficient.  Endurance muscle - of better oxygenated slow-twitch fibers - is darkened by its more copious blood supply: dark meat.  Wild ducks, marathon flyers of the bird world, are mostly dark meat.

What does this mean?  Well keep this is mind if you happen to be flying with your swim team and crash in the Andes.  Those sprint swimmers will taste a lot better than us 1500 swimmers.


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