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No Yards This Year - Well Not Really

I have made a decision based on my training and I won't be competing in any SCY meets in 2009 including nationals.

I'll uate with my reasoning later and this may all change as I've had a few text msg's and emails talking me off the ledge.  Yesterday in swim practice I just wanted to get ou and quit swimming for good.  That won't happen but I just need to step bac and remind myself why started swimming in the first place.  Which was fitness not competiting.    I will expand later and this may change after a conversation with someone later today.

Okay so now I'm thinking that at the very lest I may swim at the Cal Tech meet since it's more of a fun meet.  Considering I'll have to swim a 50 breaststroke it'll be at least funny to watch me flounder in the water.  Oh and maybe UCLA as then I can eat cookies at Diddy Riese after.  I'm already stepping back from my tapas and gin & tonics from last nights dinner.

On another note I fixed some comment issues that I've been having.  Sorry that some of the comments over the last week never got approved.  I turned off moderating comments again.  I'll just go back to deleting the spam and the freakish comments one by one. 


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I think it's important to do what's right for you. I'm glad you decided to do a fun meet, though!

I'm copying and pasting from an email from a friend of mine about my frustration with swimming of late. I'm putting it up as a comment and not a direct post as less people read the comments so this won't be read by everyone but it'll be out there:

Swimming over the last few weeks has not been fun. It's become a chore. I know I have these phases and they are usually right before I start to think about a big meet like IGLA or Nationals. 2008 was a bit different as my relationship with my partner slowly ended I put myself into swimming to avoid thinking about it. In 2009 after moving away from the ex all that I was holding back emotionally last year has surfaced and the drive for swimming isn't with me. All of this has become clear when in practice I get frustrated and forget what I'm swimming and do the wrong stroke or swim the wrong part of a set.

I was thinking a break from swimming would be a good thing but then I knew I couldn't do that. I figured if I remove the pressure of swim meets for a few months and just swim for fitness maybe I'll be less angry at the world.

That's too bad Joel. (Although your competitors pobably don't feel that way.)

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