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101 Reasons Not To Do A Triathlon?

Well actually only one but it's a big one, death if a particular study is true.  From the AP via Universal Sports:

Swim-bike-run triathlons pose at least twice the risk of sudden death as marathons do, the first study of these competitions has found.

As you continue to read the article the "study" goes on to say swimming in the cold water places too much stress on the heart, that the cold water makes the heart work harder, swimming was created by Nazi's to kill off the men of Atantis and that Bin Laden is using triathlons to conquer the Zionist nations one swimmer at a time.  Okay so some of that might have been made up by me but I'd guess the chance of dying sitting on the couch drinking a pint of beer with a Domino's PIzza is higher than swimming.  The study just sounds like bullshit to me.  Read more at Universal Sports LINK


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Ha! The nazis invented swimming to kill off the men of Atlantis... !

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