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10x100's March Edition

The first Monday of each month our team does a 10x100's Check Set or whatever you want to call it.  It's basically a set that you swim 10x100's all out but you get lot's of rest.  Even though I hate this set and would rather swim 1,000 for time I sucked it up and swam the set this morning.  Luckily since no one wants to swim the 10x100's attendance is really low so you don't have to worry about over crowded lanes. 

Warm Up
400 Swim

Then we had a warm up set.  My lane did an extra 50 as the coach then held us up so that all the lanes would start at the same time.
50 kick (25 on stomach no kickboard / 25 modified swordfish with an underwater pull)
4x100's Kick (25 stomach no kickboard / 50 modified swordfish with an underwater pull / 25 on back)
4x100's (50 drill / 50 swim - one arm / 3 which is 3 strokes then stop on the side, kick to three than 3 strokes stop on the other side / fist / finger tip drag) (I missed a 50 of the one arm as I went to take a pee break) (800/1200)

350 Pull (it was suppose to be a 300 but I thought I heard 400) (350/1550)

1x50 Build (50/1600)

10x100's All Out!  The interval changed this month to a 3:30.  In the past we've done it on 3:00 with the slower lanes on a 3:30.  Which means the coach is running around on deck keeping track of 18-30 swimmers on all different intervals.  She gave us the option of which interval to do and my other two lane mates wanted 3:30.  Fine with me.  It kept me from falling apart. 
I wasn't trying to kill myself.  I don't like this set enough to care about my times.  I just wanted to be consistent.  Which I know isn't the point of the set.  I don't need to go all out and puke at workouts.  I was trying to get my heart rate after each one by counting my heartbeats for 6 seconds than multiply that by 10.  The first 100 I was about a 110 and I moved up to about a 150/160.  I think.  I had a hard time finding my heart rate.  For example right now while I'm typing I'm dead as I can't find any pulse at all.  Pretty good posting for a dead man!  In Masters swimming you are not allowed to wear a watch at meets but I think I may get one for workouts.  (1000/2600)

100 Warmdown.  I'll be the first to say we should be doing more than a 100 after this set but it already was 7:20 and the 7:15 workout people were getting in.  Another problem with this set is that in a 1 hour and 15 minute workout it's a pretty tight fit.  Warming up and warming down is squeezed into a very tiny window.  One swimming commented that last time it took them 3 days to recover from the set.  Which I'm sure is a bit of a tall tale but without a proper warm down I'll be feeling it tomorrow.  Even later today.  (100/2700)

MTD Yardage: 7,300
YTD Yardage: 121,950
YTD LCM 9,800

I will admit after the last two workouts I'm feeling better about my swimming.  Hopefully my dark moodiness is in the past.  But wait, there's more...Since I got called out on this at today's swim I figure I'll share.  For swim suits my daily practice suits are falling apart.  Stretched out, bleached out, you name it.  My polyester suit isn't faded or bleached out but the lining is all torn up leaving me feeling a bit uncomfortable as shifting may happen during swimming.  So I've been doubling up in my suits figuring at least one will stay on.  This morning I did wear my old Speedo Aquablade Brief.  So someone commented that I had my speed suit on.  To be honest I wore it because it's collecting dust and has held up pretty well.  The technology in the suit is pretty old and I have newer suits, Speedo Fastskin leggings and briefs and a Blueseventy Nero Comp. So I wore my old aquablade brief.  Big deal.  I'll be wearing it from time to time till' it's like the rest of my suits.  If I swim this weekend at CalTech I'll be wearing just the Fastskin Brief as it is just a fun meet.  No need to pull out the Tech Suit, yet.


Yes. I have been looking at the various watches. I never worried about heart rate till last week. I'm reading a book that has a chapter or so on Human Kinetics. I'm trying to learn more about why I get this pain or that pain. Figured if I can understand how and why I swim I might be able to develop a stronger smarter more efficient stroke. Which won't take much effort as I just thrash down the pool with no technique at all. For example in the pulling set this morning I was goofing off a bit but when I did pay attention to my stroke I moved with very little effort. I know that style of swimming will be important in my distance events.

I WISH! No it's SCY. Monday/Wed/Fri are SCY

100 free in 1:02. Those are meters long course, right?

Look at watches that incorporate a heart-rate monitor. Mio makes one that I use, but there are newer versions. The old monitors had two parts - a watch that displayed the reading, and a transducer that strapped around your chest and actually took the reading over the heart. The newer watches - the kind you should get - has just a watch. You press the two buttons with two fingers or thumbs and it reads and displays the heart rate in about five seconds. Mine doesn't work as well when it's wet, so I put it on the pool deck next to my other stuff, and pick it up when I'm checking my heart rate. When you're old like me, you pay attention for health reasons to things like heart rates; if on the other hand you're a young stud who thinks a 100-free repeat at 1:02 is slow, you should monitor your heart rate to get valuable feedback that can improve your training.

Glad I'm not the only one! Phew! I like the cut of the comp suits as they are a smaller cut. For example I love my Splish suits for the wild patterns and colors but the cut of them just seem so bulky. I always layer them up with a smaller suit underneath. Which has been a team suit from Agonswim and it's the aquablade knock off suit. I love the designs of Splish suits but I wish the held up better. Then again being a guy I don't really take good care of things. I just take them out of my bag and hang them to dry. So I'm hard on suits. Soon it'll be Spring and the discount sport stores will have men's suits cheap. That is when I stock up. That and sometimes at the end of the season some department stores that carry them discount them. For CalTech if I do go I'm thinking I may try Barney's and see if they have this one suit I saw last year that I wanted. It's fun! A little pricey but I'm worth it.

I wore an aquablade yesterday. (Really compared to the fastskins & Blue Seventies, they're hardly a speed suit at all!) My orthopaedist has been wondering what would happen if I trained in a more supportive suit. I certainly won't do it every day, but once or twice a week is a definite possibility -- I think it may let me increase the distances I can swim fly or breaststroke.

But a number of my teammates are wearing them in practice, because they won't race in them again!

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