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A Random Afternoon Workout

Swimming on a Sunday afternoon is always an interesting workout as I never really know how I'll actually be feeling to I get in the water.  Last two Sunday's I have been feeling good and doing pretty well in the pool.  Then today came.  It wasn't so much that I was tired, or I was slow it was a new mandated check set like our 10x100's.  Mind you this isn't in place of the 10x100's but an addition to.  From now to some undetermined date in the future at two random workouts we will be sprinting for time a 200, a 100 a 50 and I thought I heard something else.  I blocked it all out and almost didn't even bother to swim today once I started to hear that.  Once in the pool it was all down hill.  I pretty much goofed off for an hour.  I figured I was already at the pool I'd just swim to we got to the mandated sprints. 

If I want to see how fast I am in a 200 of any particular stroke I'll go to a swim meet thank you.  Give me a set of a series of 200's like last Sunday and I'l work them and do a faster time in each one of them then I will with just swimming one 200 sprint.  And a 100 and a 50 why even bother?  I always sorta feel if I really need to know how fast I am that is what meets are for.  But a lazy Sunday after noon or a random 6am workout is not the time for me to go fast.  So today was a waste of a workout for me.  I just did random strokes up and down the pool not really caring about the workout. 

Warmed up a 300.

Warm Up Set:
75 Drill on 1:20
50 Swim
100 Kick
50 Swim
25 Swim
It was choice of stroke and I just did random strokes in no particular order.  Some fly, some back and I did a 25 breast at one point.(1200/1500)

Then we had one more warm up set.  Which had a 200, 3x100's some 50's and then 4x25's.  Once again I just did random strokes.  Then I got out as it was time for the first 200 sprint.  Let's say this warm up set was 600 yards.  So I did a 2100 yard workout.  I'll be having a few of these workouts over time.  The 200/100/50 Mandated Sets will not be announced before hand so depending on my mood I'll either load them, get out early or maybe do one or two over time. 

MTD Yardage: 63,000
MTD LCM:  6400

YTD Yardage: 178,650
YTD LCM 17,200

Monday I'l be either not swimming at all or doing a lap swim.  I plan on skipping the one morning workout that is offered tomorrow at 7am as it'll be too crowded. 


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