Speedy 200's Workout
2014 Gay Games Cities Down To Three

Broken 1650 SCY Main Set Practice

After last nights killer swim practice I wasn't ready for another grueling workout but that was what was waiting for me this morning at 6am. 

Warm Up 400 Swim.  It was a very slow warm up. (400)

4x100's Kick - modified swordfish with an underwater recovery (400/800)

4x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim (400/1200)

Then I think we just jumped into the main set:
1650 Broken -
400 Pull 5:15.  Holding the same pace.  I was holding around a 1:15
800 Swim.  I did this on a 9:45.  Basically I started holding 1:15's or just shy of that and towards the end just descended each 100 of the last 300.
4x200's on 2:40 Descend.  I did a 2:28/2:28/2:25/2:17.  Not as fast as last nights but then again i didn't just swim a fast 800.  Plus the interval was a bit shorter.  I do think I was faster in the last 200 as I know my 100 split was 1:07 and I thought I was faster my 2nd 100.  When I finished I looked at the clock and my mind stopped working for a second. 
50 Sprint.  So it was a 1650 broken.  I took extra rest betweent he 800 and the 200's as I was waiting for my lane mate to catch up.  I didn't want to start the 200's while she was swimming the 800.  Wanted to give her a chance to do her best time as possible.  Plus I like rest.  Everything else was kept on the interval given. (1650/2850)

150 easy.  50 just swim and 100 DPS.  (150/3000)

100 on 1:30
2x50's on 45
4x25's on 30 (300/3300)

3x25's Sprint on Coaches sendoff.  I did these butterfly even though I hadn't warmed up any fly or swam any fly today.  I was about a second off my normal sprint 25 fly.  (75/3375)

I took my time and warmed down about a 375 if not more.  I figured only one person from 7:15 jumped in the lane I was warming down in so I stayed till that group was stopped for morning announcements.  (375/3750)

MTD Yardage: 45,000
MTD LCM: 3,200

YTD Yardage: 159,650
YTD LCM 14,000


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