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Easy Does It On A Friday Night

Since I slept in this morning instead of being crushed by another hard workout I decided to head to swim tonight at 7pm.  I figured even if it was all sprints all out it was only an hour.   It turned out to be a relatively easy workout. 

For the warm up I did a 200 swim and a 50 kick.  (250)

6x75's Pulling Evens Free / Odds IM.  The Friday night coach is anti-paddles so no paddles during this set.  I gotta admit I am using my paddles less and less.  But over the next few weeks I'll be asking my lane mates if I can try on the various paddles sizes and companies.  It's time for new paddles.  I'm using the old fashion square ones that I bought at Big5 five years ago. (450/700)

5x100's Kick on 1:05 (don't ask me why such an add interval) 5 kicking butterfly on your back / 50 choice. (500/1200)

Main Set:
3x100's Free on 1:20.  (300/1500)
4x50's Stroke on 55.  Pick one stroke for all 4 that you cannot repeat later on (200/1700)
4x75's IM (i missed a 50 to take a pee break) (250/1950)
3x100's 50 Free / 50 Stroke.  The stroke had to be something different then the last stroke part but at the same time you'd have the next 3x100's to do the same stroke. (300/2250)
4x25's FLY on 25 (100/2350)
3x100's Stroke on 1:50.  Must be the same stroke you did for the 50's of the 3x100's (300/2650)
So for the 4x50's I did backstroke then the rest fly.  Which was poor planning as it was a bit of back to back fly. 

After that I only did a 50 warmdown making the total yardage for tonight 2700. At the end my legs were feeling stiff.  Must be from the last two days of spinning.  My legs are getting a workout.

MTD Yardage: 47,700
MTD LCM: 3,200

YTD Yardage: 162,350
YTD LCM 14,000

Doh!  There was something I wanted to mention but can't remember. 


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