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Easy Sunny Afternoon Gym Swim

Since I skipped this mornings swim practice I put together a workout and headed to the gym pool.  Now I'm not a fan of gym pools but the WeHo Pool was closing early for Cesar Chavez Day.  So I jotted down a workout and headed to the 24 Hour Fitness pool. 

Once I got swimming the workout went out the window.  Just wasn't motivated to swim hard or fast.  The pool at the West Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness is warm to begin with but with the sun beating down it was like swimming in a hotel pool.  Too Warm.  I will admit it did feel nice during the warm up with the sun on my back.  I could have just lounged all day in the pool.  Well except that I'm Irish and would not just get sunburned in the sun I'd combust into flames.   Then I'd be a real flamer. 

I don't remember exactly how much I swam.  I'd stop.  Look around.  Swim some more.  At least I started off with good intentions of swimming a workout. 

Swam a 300 Free
Pulled a 300 Free
Kicked a 100.

Then I did 3x100's Freestyle.  Then the workout really went buh bye.  I started to do a few 50's.  I had a hard time seeing the clock so at one point I swam a 25 to the other end of the pool.  Then a 100 IM and a 200 IM.  Then I did another 50, about a couple of 100's and finished up with a 50.  Not much but at least I got a swim in.

Being in a warm pool in the sun started to make me a bit dehydrated.  And of course I didn't bring water or anything.  Doh!  After the swim I showered and walked home.  A nice easy day of sorta swimming.  I figured I did about 1,500 easy yards today.  Tomorrow I'll do a LCM swim and get a quality swim in at the Culver City Plunge. 

MTD Yardage: 64,500. 
MTD LCM:  6400

YTD Yardage: 180,150
YTD LCM 17,200


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