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Fast 1,000 LCM And Some Warm Up Workout

The one good thing about this cold is that it is keeping the swimmers away at 6am.  Being Tuesday I headed over to the Culver City Plunge for the early morning lap swim.  The usual group that I do the lap swim all bailed on me except for one other person so I planned a 1,000 fast sort of for time.  I say sort of as I was just using it as a guide to how I'm feeling in the water.  My goal pace was to be under 1:25.  Not bad for a chilly morning LCM workout swim.

Warmed Up
400 Swim
200 Pull  (600)

10x50's Odds Drill / Evens Swim (500/1100)

200 Kick (700/1300)  I used a kickboard which meant my head was freezing out of the water.  Also my hip reflexers were killing me. 

10x50's Swim.  I did these on 60.  Building in each 50. (500/1800)

2x100's Swim.  Was going to do more but wanted to square up the clock to an easy even number to time my 1000.

1000 Swim.  I did it 13:23.  Just over the 1:20 pace.  I negative split the swim as my 1st 50 was on about a 6:50.  For the first 500 I kept looking for the clock and try to get my splits.  But with the clock being on the side of the pool about 1/2 way down the deck I had to do some water polo strokes with head up to get my splits.  After the 500 mark I just swam it and trusted myself to go faster.  I woud have been under a 13:20 if I had just swum without looking for the first 500.  I felt pretty good.  At the last 100 I could have kicked a bit more and I really did a lazy turn at the last turn.  Also I should have speed up my turnover.  I swam this mostly as a test of my mental strength to swim a distance swim since I havn't done much since the 1500 SCM swim in December.  I'd like to swim a 1,500 LCM in a week or two.  Also I need to get in a 1000 SCY swim in soon also.  (1000/3000)

4x50's.  Start off super fast then relax the rest of the way (200/3200)

3200 LCM Swim.  Well I'm off to shower and hit the gym.  Meeting someone in a bit to workout together. 

MTD Yardage: 55,200
MTD LCM:  6400

YTD Yardage: 169,850
YTD LCM 17,200


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