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Sunday Afternoon Chilly Swim Practice in WeHo

I'm laying here in bed too tired to move after this afternoons swim practice.  While swimming I didn't feel like I was killing myself but boy do I feel it now.  Ouchie! 

Warmed up about a 300 before we started our warm set set.

2x200 Free Drill (400/700)
4x100's Kick on 1:55.  I had to take a pee break and missed a 50 (350/1050)
200 IM Drill (200/1250)
damn....then something IM swim.  oh well.  whatever

25 fly
75 IM
50 Free
100 Free (shit.  i so can't remember the warm up sets. ) (500/1750)

Main Set 2700 Yards:
Working the 200 Free / 100 Fast Stroke / 50 Fast Stroke.  We do this 3x and each round gets faster but with more rest.

4x75's on 60 (300)
200 Fast Free on 2:30 (200/500)
3x50's Stroke on 55 (150/650)
100 Fast Stroke on some interval (100/750)
4x25's IM order on 25 (100/850)
50 Fast Stroke (50/900)
We then regrouped and did the set again. 
4x75's on 1:05
200 Fast Free on 2:30
3x50's Stroke on 60
100 Fast Stroke on some interval
4x25's IM order on 30
50 Fast Stroke
Got some rest and started again.
4x75's on 1:10
200 Fast Free on 2:30
3x50's Stroke on 1:05
100 Fast Stroke on some interval
4x25's IM order on 35
50 Fast Stroke
I think those intervals are right.  I didn't get all my times but I am confident I got faster.  I did get the 200 Free rounds for round 2 and 3.  Round two was a 2:09 and Round three was a 2:03.  I could have went faster but really slowed up at my turns.  My turns are crap.  I did backstroke for all the stroke.  So wasn't feeling like doing any fly today. (2700/4450)

I only warmed down a 50 making it an even 4,500 yard workout.  I've had a little over a week of some good workouts.  Don't want to jinx it but I do help it continues.

MTD Yardage: 52,200
MTD LCM: 3,200

YTD Yardage: 166,850
YTD LCM 14,000


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