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12 of 12: April 2009

I haven't taken part in the 12 of 12 Blogger thingy since May of last year.  I got sick of taking pictures of boring everyday things and so many times I started late and didn't have enough photos or just forgot about it to half way into the day.  Sometimes I'd start and forget.  Sorta like today.  As for the 12 of 12 Blogger Project it all started with Chad Darnell at the Untitled Chad Darnell Project LINK. are my 12 of 12 for April 2009:

1 of 12 - Starting my day with a little Animal Crossing City Folk on the Wii.  The morning sun is poking in from my shutters.  Today was Bunny day so you can go around digging up Bunny Eggs!
2 of 12 - Walking to the gym I notice a pair of shorts for that time when I go on that Gay Safari.
3 of 12 Walking home from the gym.  Got that damn hill.  Doesn't look too bad from this angle.  Yeah, I'm stretching this for all it's worth.  So should have taken more pictures.
4 of 12 - Home.  Manor just sounds so fancy smancy.
5 of 12 - I nuked 2 eggs after the gym.  Then hit the shower and ate some leftover pasta.  It's about 11:30 when I eat the eggs and 12:15 for the pasta.  I knew I was going to swim at 3pm so I wanted to have the food fully digested.  Don't need to leave any of my breakfast or lunch behind at the pool.
6 of 12 - It's Bunny Day at Animal Crossings City Folk.  You get to hunt for eggs and from time to time some can be traded in for special Bunny Day Themed Furniture.  You can't tell but my guy is dressed in a pink argyle sweater and pink heart shape glasses.  It's so me.  I even have a pink bunny balloon.  AC is so addictive.
7 of 12 - When you tell your kids that once upon a time a company named General Motors use to make cars and your kids asked what happened to them. Just point to this ugly car by Chevy
8  & 8 1/2 of 12 - I thought CVS had a sign No Shirt, No Shoes = No Service.  Some guy was in CVS buying a bottle of soda with no shirt on.  And to top it off he wasn't the kind guy who you want to see shirtless.  It wasn't that hot today.  I tried to be sly in taking the photo but one of the cashiers saw me and smiled at me. 

9 of 12 - OMG they have PINK Gatorade!  Plus they are Buy 1 Get 1 Free
10 of 12 - The baseball diamond that will be a parking lot.  The West Hollywood Park is going under the knife for the 20th Anniversary of West Hollywood.  The park will be getting a facelift with a new library, parking, green space and by 2050 a new pool  In the meantime they tore up the baseball field for a temporary parking lot.  Idiots.
11 of 12 - A Sign of the times. 
12 of 12 - A door to nowhere?  I pass this door all the time with no sign or anything which isn't such a big deal.  But in the morning at 5:45am on the way to swim practice I swear I see people waiting outside it as I ride by on my bike.  I googled it and it's some non-profit office.  Guess they just have a very early start.
And that is another edition of 12 of 12. 


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What a fun day! Pink Gatoraid, who knew??? And a gay safari sounds like a riot. I'll bet it involves lots of flamingos. What a great place to bring our pink Gatoraid!

Trust me and that you so don't need to see his trailer park face

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing the front of the topless guy. Could've been much worse from the looks of it!

Is anyone in CVS ever shirtless that you *would* want to see that way??

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