Tuesday Night Swim
Another Good Friday Swim

Back To The Butterfly

I had planned on skipping this mornings workout but last night another fast swimmer said he was going to come at 6am so I agreed to swim again.  It's not that I don't like Wednesday mornings I actually do but instead of the workout being a choice of either Distance Free or Stroke the workout was being split between Competition and Non-Competition lanes.  Which depending on turn out could mean each lane would have swimmers of different swim levels creating a bit of lapping from time to time or having too much or too less rest for some. 

Warmed Up 300 Free

Warm Up
75 Kick
50 Drill
25 Swim. 
I think that was what we did.  (450750)

Main Set:
4x200's Free on 3:00
1st 200 the 1st 100 was fast.  That was a bit hard as it was like going from a resting heartbeat to a sprint.
2nd 200 the middle 100 was fast
3rd 100 the last 100 was fast
4th 100 the 1st and last 50 was fast
4x100's Descend Stroke on 1:40.  I did 1,2 and 4 butterfly.  My last 100 fly was around a 1:09.  Not bad considering.  My 3rd 100 I went backstroke.
4x200's Free same as above
4x100's broken
1st 100.  I did backstroke
2ns 100 was 2x50's on 50 I did butterfly
3rd 100 was 4x25's on 30 I did backstroke
4th 10 was a 100.  I did it butterfly again but was 5 seconds slower than my 1st one.   The odd thing was that I think my stroke was a bit better but I was getting a bit tired. (2400/3150)

75 easy (3225)

50 Sprint off the blocks. I did this butterfly and sucked big time.  I had a good start with a descent underwater kick going.  But I was just tired and didn't get my time but felt icky. (3275)

Then I did a 125 warm down (3400)  At the start of practice I could feel a bit of pain in my right hand from the brushes with the wall last night.  It feels better now but I was worried during warm up that I might have done some serious damage.  Now just my pinky is a bit tender.  When I close my fingers tight the pinky finger just feels a bit of a twitch.  I may ice it a bit. 

MTD Yardage: 34,100
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 212,900
YTD LCM 25,000


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