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Friday Morning Blah Swim

Today was my lazy day.  I did get in the pool and swam but took my time, goofed off and went on slow intervals.  A week of mostly swimming on my own seems to have taken a toll on me.  Then again I might have stepped it up if other swimmers around my swim pace showed up to the 6am workout.  During warm up no one wanted to swim in my lane as they didn't want to go on a fast interval so the other lanes had 4 or more people in each lane and I had my own lane.  I of course didn't hesitate to offer to go at a slower interval to help alleviate crowding in the other lnanes.

Warmed Up around a 400.  I sorta lost count.

Kick Set:
Round one butterfly, Round two back and Round three breast.  We sorta made the intervals up as we went along.  750/1150

Main Set:
16x150's.  Well we only did 15 as we ran out of time
1-4 IM on 2:30
5-8 Free on 2:10
9-12 IM on 2:30
13-15 Free on 2:10
I had lots of rest even with my goofing off.  (2250/3400)

then we just warmed down a 50.  It wasn't that hard of a workout although it would have been on a faster interval and if I had pushed myself.   But I was okay with just getting in the water and swimming this morning. 

MTD Yardage: 5,800

YTD Yardage: 184,550
YTD LCM 21,300

I plan on deck entering tomorrows meet and swimming at least the 500 free.  Should do more since paying 35 bucks for one event is pretty lame.  Guess I'll just wing it tomorrow. 


Have fun tomorrow!

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