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Burnt Out & Maybe More Ink

Lap Swim Workout It Is

I overslept this morning so I skipped the morning swim workouts.  Basically I woke up, felt beat up from the gym and swimming yesterday and just went back to sleep.  Since I have plans in a bit I decided I swim a lap swim workout instead of the 7pm workout.

Warmed Up
400 Swim
300 Pull
300 Kick (1000)

Then during the workout I had to share the lane at various times with people so I just swam a bit in between the other swimmers.

I did a 200 Pull fast in about a 2:20 then a 100 Pull fast in about a 1:05  I did a few easy 50's in between. (1300)

I then did 5x100's free kick on 1:50 and 5x100's free kick on 1:45.  Normally I hate kicking but I was kicking as fast as my lane mate was swimming so it made sense.  Plus I need to work on my kicking. (2300)

I think I then did a 150 pull / drill work. (2450)

300 Sprint Pull.   I was cranking pretty good.  I forgot what I did but I did it under 3:30 I think.  Ahh...i can't remember but I know I was doing under 1:10's when I look up to get my splits. (2750)

Then did a 100 the same way before doing 5x50's pull burnouts.  In that I sprint for a 25 and come easy back on 45 seconds.  By the 5th one the sprinting part is getting harder. (3100)

Then I warmed down a 100. Hmm...I think I left out a 200 IM.  So My workout was about 3400 yards.  Not bad on my own.  I really worked my kicking since normally I slack off during kick sets.  The last 5 of them on 1:45 I was coming in on 1:30.  I was huffing and puffing but I kept going.  Someday I'll be able to kick without feeling like crap.

MTD Yardage: 53,300
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 232,700
YTD LCM 2,000


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