12 of 12: April 2009
The LZR Racer Aquabeat

Monday Morning Ick

I ended up getting out of practice this morning a bit early as I wasn't feeling so hot.  I am blaming it on these energy pills that I got as free samples at the gym the other week.  I don't drink coffee so I usually take some sort of caffeine pill before working out.  Whatever is in these pills made me feel a bit ill.  So I ended up getting out of the water before I got sick.  I took them yesterday and felt the same way but I just thought it was the heat of the afternoon sun and being in  a warm pool.  I'm going to flush this crap out of me by drinking lots of water this morning.

Warmed Up 400 Free
2x150's 50 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim
400 Pull (1100)

1st Set:
4x50's on 40
2x100's on 1:20
200 on 2:40
2x100's on 1:20
4x50's on 40 (1000/2100)

50 easy

Then I did a 450.  It was to be 2x500's on 6 mins.  2nd one faster than the other.  (2600)

So I did 2600 yards and that's not too bad.  Now I'll just flush my system and relax for the day.

MTD Yardage: 26,050
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 204,850
YTD LCM 25,000


Damn.  The one time I actually take out the trash in a timely manner.  I don't know what they were called but I do know they were from a company called ALR Industries.  I only know that because not only were they free samples but they came in a free gym bag. 

What brand were those mystery energy pills so we can know to avoid them?

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