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I've never been a morning person until I started working out a few years ago.  Pretty much had no choice as I worked long hours I had to workout at 6am or I couldn't really workout at all.  Over time I got used to waking up at 5am and slowly getting myself together and to either swim practice or the gym.  But some mornings I wake up in a haze and my grouchiness returns.  This morning was one of those days.  First i did hit the snooze at least twice before finally dragging my ass out of bed.  I got to swim practice and slowly got in the water.  And when I did get in the water I pretty much just stood in my lane for a bit.  It was Friday so like on Monday I get the wall lane.  I didn't have the energy to even start complaining.  Well at least not to after I swam a 200.  At about the 200 mark of my workout a third person entered my lane while the other fast lane had only 2 people.  So I moved over to the fast lane which then I had to explain that it made no sense that the wall lane has 3 people and this lane only has 2.  The coach commented that she'd change that after warm up.  Which to me doesn't make sense so I swam a 100 in the non wall lane before moving over.  The grouchiness continues on after that.

Warm Up Set:
6x75's on 1:20 (i think 6 or was it 8?)  3 Free / 3 Stroke (450/650)
100 Kick (well it was a 200 but I took a pee break) (100/750)
6x50's kick as follows 1 free / 1 butterfly on back / 1 choice and repeat (300/1050)
8x25's 4 Free on 20 and 4 Stroke on 25.  The interpretation of what was written on the board caused a bit of confusion in the lane.  I interpreted them as doing 4 on 20 then 4 on 25.  The leader of the lane interpreted 1 on 20 / 1 on 25 then repeat.   (200/1250)

I might have missed something of the warmup but that was the gist of it.  After warmup I lead the lane for the rest of the workout.

Main Set:
1x100 Free on 1:10 (100/1350)
4x50's Stroke on 50 (i did backstroke) (200/1550)
2x100's Free on 1:15 (200/1750)
3x50's Stroke on 50 (i did backstroke once again) (150/1900)
3x100's Free on 1:10 (300/2200)
2x50's Stroke on 50 (i did backstroke, see a pattern) (100/2300)
4x100's Free on 1:15 (400/2700)
1x50 Stroke (another backstroke) (50/2750)

At 6am the fast lane make up changes depending on who shows up.  Today the coach kept me on a faster interval while telling my lane mate that she understood that he might not make the free.  Which to me made me a bit pissed off as he took a 100 off and later a 50 off.  And during his 50's was doing more one arm fly with some free than fly.  I think I would have liked an extra 5 seconds rest on the 100's and then I also would have done fly but actually do the full 50 fly.  Now I know I shouldn't care what the other person in my lane is doing and do my own thing.  But it does irk me off when someone takes a 100 off to catch up.  Luckily at least this person kept ten seconds behind me even when he took a 50 off the 100.  So I didn't get really pissed off.  Just a bit mad.  But whatever.  I need to focus more on myself and just things like this slide off me.  As my favorite spin teacher says "you paid for this class, put what you have into it or you wasted your money."  I pay to swim so I should just be thinking of me and who cares about someone loafing in my lane.  Another thing about the set was that I got about the same amount of rest in the 100's on both the 1:10 and 1:15 intervals.  Mind of matter and matter won.

Then we did some 50's breath control.  10 as follows (500/3250)
1 on 45 breathing every 5
1 on 40 any just make the interval
1 on 45 b/5
2 on 40
1 on 45 b/5
3 on 40
1 b/5

8x25's on 30.  1st reverse build / 2 build / 3 easy free / 4 sprint.  I did these butterfly.  (200/3450)

Then I warmed down a 200.  Since the 7:15 workout was slowly getting in the pool I was able to work on the kick/swim drill 1-2-3 Swim that I posted LINK yesterday.  I gotta admit it sorta worked.  I'm going to work that into my warm  up and warm downs and see how it goes.  Yesterday I hit the gym in the morning for my circuit weight routine and then last night went to the spin class.  I like the Thursday night instructor so I'm trying to make a go of the class every week.  I'm going to try a few other classes to see if I like the instructor.  I just know to skip Sat/Sun morning as that instructor is clueless. 

Total Yardage Today 3650

MTD Yardage: 49,900
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 229,700
YTD LCM 25,000

Oh one last thing.  I'm adding this later on so hopefully not too many of you have read this yet.  I'm compiling a list of swimmers, swimming websites / news or just in general swimming Tweeters for a future post.  So feel free to email me at joelmckenna at or comment below with the Twitter info.  Thanks.


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