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12 of 12: April 2009

Sunday Afternoon On Your Mark Workout

Today was a "quality workout" in that the focus was on one 200, 100 and 50 sprint or three 100's sprint.  

Warm up was about a 400 on our own before we started our warm up set.

100 Free on 1:20
6x50's Kick
2x100's Stroke
some thing drill here
3x100's Free on 1:20
2x50's Kick

Damn I so can't remember the workout.  Waited too long after practice to jot it down.  But we had another warm up set that was done 3x.

150 on 2:15
2x100's free on 1:15
4x50's descend on 1 min
Then we had our sprint or fasft 200.  That is if you swim the 200's at a meet.  If you are a sprinter you had the option of doing a 100.  We were sent off in groups from the blocks.  I was in the 2nd group and was doing the 200 fly.  I was going to be second in the first group but the first group false started so I had my own lane for a  bit.  I did ask the person in the wall lane to switch so I wouldn't have to do any one arm fly but they didn't want to move.  So after my first 50 the person in my lane went after me to do hs 100.  He also did fly.  So now I had to do one arm every so often.  My first 100 I looked at the clock and the split was a 109.  Not fast but I was holding back for my 2nd 100.  This is were it went horribly wrong!  At the 150 mark I was about to push off when the other swimmer was right behind me so I moved over thinking he was just going to do the 150 of the 200.  Before I dodged him coming into the water I yelled "what the fuck" as I was pissed that my 200 was ruined.  Since the other swimmer was only doing a 100 I then continued on.  With my rest and one arm I still was under 2:30 but was shooting for under 2:20.

We did this above set again but this time everyone did a 100 instead of a 200.  I did this fly and did a horrible time of 1:02.  I was beat from the 200. 

The last round we were running out of time so it was only the 150, 1x100 and only 3x50;s before our 50 sprint.  I didn't bother listening for my time.  And that was the end of workout.  The coach apologized for the 200 incident which was okay.  It just goes to prove my point that this is a stupid workout considering basically you take everyone in all the various lanes and put them all together in a group.  Everyone is at different abilities then you have some people swimming a 200 while another is swimming only the 100 and you are all swimming different strokes.  It was chaotic at times.  I expected more than my little close encounter but I think I was the only one swimming the 200 butterfly.

The whole wokrout was according to the coach 4,000 yards  After I stayed for the lap swim and was joined by my friend Amy who is trying to become a swimmer.  She doubled her 200 yards from last week and was able to swim a broken 400.  Next week we are aiming for a 600.  

MTD Yardage: 23,450
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 202,200
YTD LCM 25,000


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