Pictures of Joel (me) Swimming Saturday
Monday, One Too Many: Another Swim Practice

Sunday Swim

After the swim meet on Saturday I didn't get myself much time to recover and hit the Sunday afternoon workout.  I will admit due to lack of sleep and playing Nintendo with a friend to the wee hours of the morning didn't make me the fastest swimmer in the pool on Sunday.  Since I didn't fall asleep to about the time I normally wake up I skipped the weight training and stuck with swimming.

Warmed Up Around a 200 before we had our warm up set.

I think that is what it was.  First round drill, then kick and the last round swim.  I mixed it up with some fly kick, then some fly and back drill.  I think for the swim I stuck to back.(1500/1700)

Main Set:
50 active recovery
The first two rounds were freestyle on 1:20/50/2:30 while the last two rounds were stroke which I did backstroke on 1:30/50/3:00's.  I was thinking at first I'd do more fly but I was beat.  (2200/3900)

Afterwards my friend Amy came to the pool for the lap swim and our little swim lesson.  I'm teaching her how to swim, sorta.  She knew the basics of mostly a doggie paddle but I'm trying to teach her to swim swim.  She went from last week learning to swim with your face in the water to actually being able to swim non-stop to the other end of the pool.  We will be doing this once a week for the summer.  After that she came over for dinner and more Nintendo.  Well time to go to this Mornings workout.

MTD Yardage: 9,700

YTD Yardage: 18,450
YTD LCM 21,300


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