April Fools
Michael Phelps Swim Workout April Fools Edition

Thursday Morning Lap Swim

Two days in a row I've slept in.  Yesterday I missed both the 6am and 7:15am swim and after that it was all down hill with no swimming.  I thought of a gym swim or a lap swim but with a lunch of a pastrami sandwich I decided to have a fat day.  This morning I did wake up a bit late but still made the morning lap swim.  Spring is really here as the pool was very crowded.  I even saw one of my Facebook Mafia War friends and former coworker swimming. 

As for the workout it was cut very short due to the fact that swimming intervals swims in a lap swim doesn't always work out.  I was going to stay in but gave up when a fresh new batch of swimmers arrived. 

Warmed Up A Thousand Yards
300 Swim
300 Pull
3x100's Kick on 1:50
100 Swim

6x100's Free 2 on 1:25 / 2 on 1:20 / 2 on 1:15(600/1600)

4x50's on 50 (200/1800)

Then this is when I started to forget about intervals as I was sharing a lane again.  I swam a 200 and I'll admit on the 3 minute mark went to start another 200 but after a 50 I stopped.  I knew I would be lapping the other swimmer at every 50 of the 200.  I was about to move to another lane that had just emptied out when Maureen came.  I think that is her name.  If you go to any local Masters meet you see her as she is the little cute old lady.  I always seem to chat it up with her and each time it's like we are meeting for the first time.  I think she recognizes faces but forget who they are which is fine with me. So we chatted it up a bit and the swimmer in my lane moved over then it was time to swim a 300.  I pulled this 300. (550/2350)

Then I did a 100 warm down.  I was trying to scope out the pool to see if I could continue to swim but it was just too crowded.  Pretty much today's workout was just a modified version of the LCM set I swam on Tuesday.  So for yardage it wasn't much at 2,350 but at least it was something.  If time allows I may go swim later today and do the set one more time.  I can't swim tonight in practice as I have another commitment and the gym is closed for construction.  I could go to another gym but I'll take today off from weight training.  I figure with UCLA SCY meet on Saturday on the drawing board and then Sunday I'll swim at 3pm, do weights and spin in the morning I deserve a bit of a break. 

MTD Yardage: 2,350

YTD Yardage: 181,100
YTD LCM 21,300


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