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Wednesday Morning Workout

As I was walking to the 6am swim practice a group of morning boot campers ran past me.  My first reaction was "wow, they are hardcore" but then I realized here I am walking to go swimming.  As for the practice itself it wasn't so bad.

Started off swimming a 400.  Then we did a brief warm up of a 100 kick then a 50 drill and a 50 swim.  600 Warm Up

400 Pull (200 breath control every 3/5/any/7 by 50 and 200 DPS) (400/1000)

500 Pace.  I finished up around 5:43.  I was behind another swimmer so some of my speed today came from drafting. (500/1500)

50 Easy

Then we did a 50 Sprint.  (1600)  I also think we did something else but can't remember it. 

Then we moved onto stroke.  3x100 Kick / 50 Drill / 50 Swim (300/1900) 

Boy I really can't remember what we did.  Oh 4x25's. But I think that was earlier during the free portion (100/2000)

I so know that isn't all we did.  Oh well.  We did finish up with 2x50's off the blocks with relay starts.  So from what I remember we did 2,100 yards.  Hmm....close enough.  During the stroke portion I did fly and I felt like crap.  At least I felt good in the free part of workout.  Guess you can't have it all.

MTD Yardage: 46,250
MTD LCM:  3,700

YTD Yardage: 226,050
YTD LCM 25,000


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