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Sunday Gym and Swim

This morning I woke up and hit the gym for an hour of circuit weight training.  Later in the afternoon it was swim time.  And boy was it swim time.  Not only was it a sunny warm day in Los Angeles it was one hell of a workout.  Several times during the main set I kept telling myself I don't have to swim the whole thing.  I can just get out.  But I stayed in and had a good rally at the end of the freestyle set.  Between Long Beach Pride and a teammate having a Sunday birthday party the very same time as the workout the attendance was pretty low.  I had my own lane!  Wahoo

The Workout:

200 swim
200 pull
150 kick (well more like a 125 as i was kicking the coach said hold up so i turned back so let's say 125) (425)

75 kick
100 IM drill
25 kick
50 swim
I don't remember the intervals.  I took my time with the drills and kicking, took a pee break, goofed off and missed a bit of this.  Let's say I missed a 150 of it all.  (1000/1425)

Stroke Set:
I think we did this 3x or was it 4x  Hmmm...let's just say 4
100 IM 1:30
25 easy on 30
50 fast on 50
25 easy on 50

Free Set:
This was a doozie of a set.  By the end of the set the lanes cleared down to one per person in all the lanes.
1x25 on 25
1x75 on 60
1x100 on 1:15
Keeping the same intervals with no breaks.  (2050/4275)

Finishing Up Set:
4x25's as follows
1 butterfly kick on back on 30
1 butterfly swim on 30
1 freestyle easy on 40
1 underwater no breathing on 40

Damn that workout kicked my ass.  It felt good.  That rally I had at the last round of 100's was great.  I was faster than the early rounds of 1, 2 or 3x100's. 


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