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Monday Morning Swim

Afternoon Swimming Fail

I walked to the West Hollywood pool thinking that summer started next week and they'd have a split lap swim with recreational swim.  But when I got to the pool I found out it was only a recreational swim.  Doh!  So I figured I'd hit the gym pool.  I only planned on swimming about 2,000 yards today so the gym pool would be okay.  But since I didn't have my gym lock I had to go home and get it.  When I got to the corner of SMB the bus pulled up so I decided to be lazy and bus the 2 minutes home.  I know, lazy.  So I get home get my lock and walk down to the gym.  It's not that all gym pools suck but most gym pools suck except for LAAC but that is a whole other fish.  I get in and after a 100 I start to change my 2,000 yards down a bit.  The pool is way too hot and very shallow.  The sun just fries you as the rays hit you on your back and reflect off the shallow bottom.  The design of the pool is a bit odd as they had to work with a triangle sized lot.  The swim lanes are staggered so each lane starts about 5 feet from each other.  With no flags you'd think you could use the lane lines to judge the wall when swimming backstroke.  Well the lane lines are old and have about 5 yards without any plastic lane line markers.  It's just string.  Because it's a gym pool swimming is a free for all as people just swim in any lane.  The guy I shared the lane with had a very wide stroke so he must have hit me about a half dozen times.  That was pretty much my final straw and got out after swimming 1,050 yards.  I figure a swim is a swim.  I've skipped swimming so much of late I just needed to get in the water.

My workout:

200 Swim
200 Pull
200 Kick
100 Swim
100 Pull
100 Kick
100 swim

50 Swim

1,050 yards. And i think I have a black and blue mark from that other swimmer.

MTD Yardage:  24,700
MTD LCM:  3,000

YTD Yardage:  307,475
YTD LCM 5,000



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