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Friday Night Swim Live

Well this is my first official swim practice in almost two weeks and boy am I out of shape.  Between not swimming and coming down with the flu it was a challenge of a workout when it should have been so much easier.  I should have moved down a lane but that would have meant the fast lane would have one person and the next lane down would have had 5 people.  So I sucked it up and struggled.  Figure what doesn't kill us only makes us puke...I mean stronger.

Warm Up
200 Swim
400 IM broken 50 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim (600)

Then we did flip turn drills.  We started off with 2x15 meters in which we swam into the wall did a flip but stayed on our back without pushing off.  Then we did this other flip turn drill swimming off the wall just doing a sombersault at the 1/2 way mark.  Then we did 5x50's (one for example and 4 on 60 seconds) in which we pushed off the wall, sombersaulted about 1/2 way, swim into the next wall doing a flip turn, another sombersault about 1/2 way then finishing with a flip turn but not pushing off the wall.  (400/1000)

Main Set:
4x25's on 25 Stroke. (I picked breaststroke as it is the lesser of 3 evils) (100)
2x100's IM on 1:40 (200/300)
4x50's Free on 40 (200/500)
4x50's on 50 Stroke (i picked butterfly as I'm so outta shape and in each of these stroke part of the sets you couldn't repeat any strokes) (200700)
2x100's reverse IM on 1:40 (200/900)
4x50's Free on 40 (200/1100)
our lane wasn't told to rest 30 seconds after each group of 4x50's so since we missed the first round we took 60 seconds this time)
2x75's on 1:10 Stroke (I did these backstroke) (150/1050)
2x100 Relay order IM (that is back,  breast, fly and free) on 1:40 (200/1250)
4x50's Free on 40 (200/1450/2450)

I then just warmed down a 50 to round up my yardage to 2500.  Looking at these intervals I am amazed how much it pained to swim tonight.  Easy intervals with lots of rest and I just slowly died.  But I'm back swimming and it won't take long before I snap back. 

MTD Yardage:  18,050 (i won't even reach 1/2 of my average monthly yardage this month.  but that is okay)
MTD LCM:  3,000

YTD Yardage:  300,625 (wahoo crosses the 300,000 mark for 09')
YTD LCM 5,000


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