Rebooting Me & My Workouts
It's Summertime, Everyone In The Pool

Getting My Ass Kicked In The Pool

I knew that swimming on a Tuesday night is an ass kicking workout.  Combine that with 24 Cycle this morning and my first circuit weight training in what seems like forever and you get one sore guy.  About an hour into the workout and by body started to let me know that it was time to get out.  At the very end every time I pushed off the walls my thighs felt super tight.  Not cramping but my legs were letting me know they wanted to go home and watch tv in bed.  My arms and chest weren't doing much better.  So I called it a night after 60 minutes.  I figure I need to ease back into my hard workout days.

Warm Up
600 mixed swimming and pulling

Kick Set
200 on 3:40
2x100's on 1:50
2x75's on 1:25
I was a bit surprised in my kicking.  All those spin (24 cycle) classes are paying off.  (550/1150)

Drill Set:
6x75's on 1:10 Odd's Stroke / Evens Free (450/1600)

Main Stroke Set:
4 Rounds (the stroke was to be the same stroke all four rounds)
25 Stroke on 30
25 Free on 25
75 Stroke on 1:05
25 Free on 25
25 Stroke on 30
Each round the 75 was descending.  I did backstroke. (700/2300)

Main Free Set:
4x75's on 1:05
200 FAST on 2:50
4x75's on 1:05
200 FAST on 2:50
This is were I got out.  The set was actually 4 rounds and I only did 2 rounds.  (1000/3300)

At the end I was doing open turns and just struggling to hang on.  I know I just gotta keep at it and I'll be back in shape soon enough.  Normally I think I would have loved the main free set but tonight my body was telling me to go home.  On my two 200's I think I was faster then what I swam on Monday.  I "think" as was having issued with clock math and remember when I left.  So at least that was an improvement.  Small steps...small steps.

And with that another month ends...

MTD Yardage:  31,450

MTD LCM:  3,000

And at the 1/2 way mark of the year...

JAN Yardage:  64,440

FEB Yardage: 49,950
FEB LCM: 9,800

MAR Yardage: 63,000
MAR LCM:  10,500

APR Yardage: 53,300
APR LCM:  3,700

MAY Yardage:  38,875

JUN Yardage:  31,450

YTD Yardage:  314,225
YTD LCM 5,000


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