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NERO RZR. Pool Goggles

Over the years I've tried and swam with different brands and colors of goggles.  For a while I was wearing Swedes and have talked about them LINK.  The good thing about Photo them is that they are cheap and the bad thing about them is that they are cheap.  They normally come with a rubber band that is pretty flimsy and falls apart faster then others goggle straps.  And for that you can by the bungee strap swedes.  But over time the bungee straps will sometimes degrade in elasticity.  So recently I've been trying on other goggles.  The other week I tried a couple of pairs of the TYR Racetech goggles which Men's Journal called the "Best Overall Goggle" LINK.  This week now that I'm back in the water I'm trying the Blueseventy Nero RZR Pool Goggles.  I wore them this morning and so far so good.  They are comfy and have a snug fit.  I'll wear them a few more times and write more about them.  Someone who has already worn them have posted a quick review on the bluseventy blog LINK.  I figured when it is all said and done I'm going to have a goggle for every use.  A meet goggle, a day light practice goggle and a nighttime early morning goggle.  Why so many?  Well first off the practice goggles tend to scratch up as I give up using the case they come with after a few swims and secondly when it is dark out and I'm trying to read the workout on the board I don't like colored, tinted or mirrrored goggles. 

(Disclaimer:  The good folks at blueseventy provided me with the goggles to test out and review.  Check them out at bluesevnty.com)


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